Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Season 10 Episode List

You saw it here first!

What A Girl Wants
99 Problems
Better Off Alone
I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
Try Honesty
You Don’t Know My Name
My Body Is A Cage
Tears Dry On Their Own
Still Fighting It
Purple Pills
All Falls Down

They are NOT two-part episodes.

Just to be clear, they are NOT two-part episodes!

The same writer has been responsible for two episodes.. but it doesn't mean they air as hourlongs, or that the stories flow like hours



P.S. DTM = July 16 (23 DAYS!)

P.P.S. The theme song is still the same as season 9.  Stephen Stohn put it as "Soundspeed still sing it, though it is slightly altered and spruced up from Season 9".


  1. I was told to comment on your blog as your may have an answer to this question:;_ylt=AugD3WOnNcXiCEMar28kruIazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100628051135AAflPt4

    "What song plays in Degrassi "Start Me Up"?
    There is a song by "The Batali's" the indie band from Itely that is playign on Declan's computer when Clare is about to meet with him to become prop master for his musical. Does anyone know what song that is?

    I have been trying to find it.

    Declan is on the phone with Sav, the music is playing, he hangs up and talks with Clare, and then she asks abotu the band and proceeds to tell her his Italy story (which she then makes into her own). What song is playing?!


  2. Hey Nadia! The name of the song is "La La Occhi Bello" by The Batalis. -Mango

  3. Do you know anywhere to find the band because I cannot seem to find anything about them looking online

  4. try here:

  5. what about after that because there are supposed to be 24 more episodes after the lockdown episode?

  6. Those episodes will be airing later on in the year, after a hiatus after "All Falls Down." When that information is released, we'll be sure to post it as soon as possible, don't worry :)