Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Cheated

Or at least I did. [Yeah, because I definitely did not! -Mango]

Because, although I remained faithful to my dear TeenNick, I couldn't resist reading about the other Degrassi episodes at Kary's Degrassi blog (see affiliates/informative links for a link to the site).  So now after seeing them, I can't really bring myself to write a review for some reason.

But that will change, starting next week.  Because that's where my knowledge stops and I have to actually watch to see what's happening and therefore, everything's fresh in my mind when I go to write about it. [Good! GOOD! -Mango]

Rereading that, I don't know how much sense it made... just know you should expect a decent review this weekend. :) [Make that two, because I WILL WRITE ONE - at least one! I have a swim meet both days and then a track meet on Monday plus a literal TON of homework. -Mango]

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