Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Characters

After much analysis of the "High School is a Carnival", I've come up with the following:

When Drew uses the mallet to test his strength, the ball goes straight up at full-speed.  This shows that Riley is going to have some competition for star athlete, especially since Riley is now openly gay.
Drew also likes Alli Bhandari.  She reciprocates his adoration.  How is that "Degrassi"?  Dave also likes Alli Bhandari.  Oh, snap.  LOVE TRIANGLE!

The next part in the clip shows what looks like a girl who is dressed as a guy.  This is Adam.  Adam is transgendered.
You read that right!
Degrassi is throwing in something new!  Now we're cooking with sauce here!

"The Girl Who Makes Boyfriends Disappear"
At first I thought it was Fiona due to the lighting, but after pausing and playing and rewinding then playing again, I figured it out.  She reminded me immediately of Jenna, except she'll probably go after guys like... wait.  Who is there to go after?  Danny?  Spinner?

Fitz isn't actually "new" he's just going to be "more developed".  He's now using Wesley (who I LOVE), Connor, and Dave as his targets, so he's like, Bruce the Moose and Johnny combined.  Except I thought Bruce was "Mister 2-Credits-Shy"..?

OLDIES BEING RE-DUN (Old characters, that is, not plots)

"The Two-Faced Girl"... with snakes?  ER?!  <-- Enough said!

"The Girl Who Doesn't Know Her Own Secret"?  This intrigues me... maybe KC will break up with her due to said secret..?

...and Eli?  This is... unexpected.  And the thing with the cards?  "The Lovers" and "Death"?  Hi there, "a pair of star-crossed lovers" AKA ROMEO AND JULIET?  Sellout!

A black left eye... Either she gets into the fight of the century or she is abused.  Three guesses which one?
I actually cannot wait for the new season!  It actually sounds like they're going to step it up a notch (or five) and go there.  Like, legit get real.  I am SO FISHING EXCITED.


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