Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shannon Kook-Chun


He is a door and a ball.

A-door-a-ball (:

ShandosMangos Warddrobe fittings and script discussions at Degrassi. A great day. Love the new Director. Pumped for shooting next week :)

He is THEEEEEE 2nd cutest guy on Degrassi now, bumping Landon down one spot to #3 (Raymond is first, DUH!).

I also found THIS while stalking his Twitter page...

Ooh, Tears Dry On Their Own?  Let me zoom in on that ;) [It's an Amy Winehouse song, by the way]

Some other fun links?

Promos on JustJaredJr:

SoundSpeed on Much Music Pt. 1:
SoundSpeed on Much Music Pt 2:




  1. i love shannon !<3

  2. I love him!!! He is "H-O-T" cute!!! I can't wait for the "boiling point" degrassi event!!! Him and Riley make a cute couple!!! Couldn't help my yelp wen try kissed, and I screamed so hard on the promo!!! I liked degrassi like 10x better now!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  3. Mrs.Kook-Chun a.k.a. JavondaJuly 11, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    I Love Shannon! He is SOOOOOOO SEXY! I am just head over heels for that boy, it's crazy! I can't wait for Degrassi the boiling point to come on so I can see more of him! And now I love Degrassi because of him, no lie! lol. And those big, brown, twinkling eyes are just so cute! I freakin love that boy! Stay beautiful and sexy Shannon. LOVE YA! <3.

  4. Do you people only like him for looks? Have you analyzed his smile? DO you guys know how he treats people or if he has a big ego? Do you even know if he's stright, gay, or bi? Or even how old he is?

    Just curious to see what fan just look at and this shows its obviously not personality but only looks...he is cute but that won't make you happy if he treats you like junk, which I doubt he does but Just pointing yhat out.

  5. Maybe some of these people have met him? Maybe they won a contest? They're not saying they know everything because Shannon doesn't release all of his information like Landon, who won't release his birthday. Jeez GET A LIFE.

  6. I wish there was a contest to meet Shannon <3 He seems like such a sweetheart!!!! And shmeh I think people can only like him for his looks cause we dont know enough about him. But he's famous, he prolly is full of himself.

  7. I guess you're right JJ n'Mangos and CarryLove! except, that big head part. Thats a tad judgemental don't you think. Although it's hard to say not all famous people are full of themselves, doesn't mean they all are. lol But I agree it would be nice if we new more about him lol

  8. I don't even give a crap what hes like in real life. I just want that sweeeeeet body in my bed.

    And we live in the same city....soooooo luckyyyy meeeeeee

  9. how old is he?!

  10. no one knows his age for sure (he's secretive like landon liboiron, who plays declan) but it's been said that he's late teens/very early twenties.

  11. Ya HE is super cute to bad he's straight

  12. Mann Shannon Is Just Gorgeous(: . When I See Him On Degrassi , Boy Oh Boy Ive Criedd So Many Timess When I See Him With Argiris(Riley) . But Honestly Shannon Is Gorgeouss ! ;DD His Smile Is BreathTaking . I May Not Know Him In Person But From What Ive Seen We All Could Agree Hes Gorgeous .

  13. Hottest guy ever.
    And I mean EVER.
    He seems really intelligent and humble based on his interviews
    And that body?

  14. shannon is so hot and perfect!!!!!!!!!

  15. shannon have a beautiful smile...

  16. Landon Liboiron is 19.

  17. He's an awesome guy to hang out with, very down to earth :)