Monday, May 31, 2010

TeenNick June Highlights

I give you one thing to look forwards to during this "Movie-Splosion" thing this June - Degrassi Goes Hollywood.  Yeah, that's right, they'll be ending with a bang affectionately known as DGH in June 18th.  And soon after that, TeenNick plans to jump into another "Every Degrassi Episode Ever" marathon that should last four weeks before giving us what we've all been waiting for... "Degrassi Takes Manhattan."  (DTM has less of a ring to it than DGH.., DNYC?  A little better, but I'm sure DTM will sound just fine if I say it over and over again.  DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM... okay, I'm good.)

Hey Mango?  I see another screening party in the near future :)

And after DTM, Degrassi season 10 starts soon after, airing 24 episodes over the course of the summer.  That means four episodes a week, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  I can't wait! :D

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