Friday, May 21, 2010

Keep On Loving You

I'm writing this right after the finale because I have all-day sectionals for track tomorrow, then I have a project to redo for Living Environment, a DBQ for Global, and a research paper for English.

The music in the episode was e x c e l l e n t !  I really, really, really, REALLY hope they put it on iTunes, especially the song that Jenna sang and the "Shark in the Water" song.

"Shark in the Water" is a song by VV Brown, and by the way, the acoustic version is VERY nice.  The clip that was shown at the end of the season finale was called "High School is a Carnival" which is an analogy I haven't heard before, but when you ponder it for a while, it totally makes sense.

The main plot of this episode was great, because they totally threw me off guard when Mrs. Coyne decided to move to Manhattan.  I mean, we saw this coming, since the Coyne's move around a lot, but it was so expertly hidden!

The subplot was a bit cliche, but the switching of the water bottles was a work of perfect irony and the fact that they allowed Space Awakening (based on Spring Awakening with Jake Epstein? Hmm...) to premiere at Above the Dot was cute.

Overall, I liked the episode.  Sure, it wasn't the best finale ever, but you know, it's DEGRASSI - you can't hate on it!




  1. hey would you know of a place where i could watch this online? it hasn't aired here in canada yet and i just can't wait!

  2. Try the Click has the video plus other backstage exclusives from when they filmed the promo.