Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shout Out to Mike Lobel

Guess what I just learned while watching Degrassi Goes Hollywood!  Mike Lobel has been playing drums since he was nine.  Which means in DGH, that's actually him.  He just looks like he's trying wayy to hard.  Yeah, this is the most irrelevant thing ever, just figured I'd briefly give him some props... and offer my imaginary Mike Lobel the reader some advice to make his drumming look less... awkward.

And check out DGH Special Edition this weekend before The N becomes TeenNick!  And then gear up to get to know ever Degrassi character by watching every... episode... ever.  (Except Accidents Will Happen.)

Okay, yeah, the end.  Bye... I really need to learn some parting phrases in other languages.

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