Sunday, September 13, 2009

Attention Canada!

Okay, so I've always kinda known that Degrassi was funded by Canadian production companies. It's on CTV, a popular network in Canada and... well, it's a Canadian show. The don't say sorry, they say "surry" and they don't say about, they say "aboot." It's always been pretty self-explanatory. But I never really put 2 and 2 together to realized that Degrassi, being funded by CANADIAN production companies, is pretty dependent on it's CANADIAN ratings.

So guess what I just learned... Degrassi ratings are lower in Canada than in America. Now, because our readers are imaginary, they can be whoever we want. So, attention imaginary God of Canadian television ratings... go increase the Degrassi love in Canada. Because if Degrassi fails in Canada, not only will Degrassi-awesomeness be put on hold while they find a new production company and such, but if the new company is American, the odds of Degrassi lasting another 9 seasons is lower. Because here in America, we're very quick to cancel shows. And that doesn't exactly make me happy if Degrassi hits a rough patch. So... yeah. And Canadians? Go watch some Degrassi! Increase the demand, or whatever it's called when something is wanted! Yeah, that's demand... the laws of supply and demand. They'll make it if we want it and are willing to pay for it. Now, of course this is television, so we won't pay for it, but people will pay to advertise on the networks we're watching and if Degrassi is being watched then- oh, who cares, this isn't JJ's blog of economics, it's a Degrassi blog. Moral of the story? Go watch Degrassi! But don't get worried yet, there's been no talk of cancelation since DGH (er... Paradise City in Canada) and it's major Degrassi psych-up. You know they just gave out wristbands in the Canadian premiere? If you got there first, you got in. Lucky Canadians, do you know how jealous I am of those who got the opportunity to go? Like, incredibly. Just in case you didn't actually know and you were just smiling and nodding.

Okay, that's all. I'm gonna go do some math homework (yum).

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