Friday, September 4, 2009

Las Bandas del Programa Realidad Degrassi

For those of you who are familiar with the epic pwn teen show Degrassi, you are aware of the fact that every Degrassi generation has a band.

Starting with the Zit Remedy (affectionately "The Zits"), the band composed of Snake Simpson, Joey Jeremiah, and Derek Wheeler. Not that they really got anywhere with their one song, "Everybody Wants Something".

Then going to Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens, who had a million other names ("Two Girls and a Keyboard", "Three Girls and a Keyboard", "Paige and Terri", and "P.M.S."). Later on, with Ellie Nash substituting Terri, the band takes on the name of Hell Hath No Fury. w00t!

Skip to Downtown Sasquatch. The 'Squatch has gotten several minor gigs and consists of Craig Manning, Marco Del Rossi, Jimmy Brooks, and Spinner Mason. The band was also once called "Mysticles" which is awkward for the 4 guys and Ashley, but you know Ashley. *cough* DIVA! *cough*

Last leaves Studz, without a doubt my favorite Degrassi band of all time. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav! But seriously, they are like, really good.

Why did I write this post? That's a really good question. Wait until next time, and I promise I won't have an answer. ;D

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