Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Degrassi Season Nine News

Yes, provided you're not blind or illiterate, you just figured out I have more season nine news!

Before I get started with that, guess what I figured out! I figured out how to upload images! Because there are no cool images that correspond with this post, I'm just gonna put up a picture of a baby sea turtle. Why? Because I want to post a picture and I'm too impatient to go write a relevant post and then put the image with it.

Well, for starters, allow me to mention that Degrassi season nine will, once again, go out with a four part episode (which in America, we call a movie). Now, don't panic yet, I don't know a thing about the plot, but the title is "The Rest Of Our Lives," which could be interpreted to imply an end to Degrassi if you want to be really pessimistic. But, I'm going to be optimistic and just assume that it means they're ending one generation of Degrassi students so that the new crew can get more screen time (i.e. Alli, Clare, K.C., Connor, and any new freshman season nine may hold).

CTV enjoys being vague, but from an article the published (read here to see full article) I've gathered this:
1) This is the "final chapter" for some Degrassi stars. It just says "some" and since I know Mia's leaving (see "Degrassi Season Nine Confirmed" for news on that), I'm not taking that to directly mean that Adamo, Lauren, and Stacey are officially off the show, but my hopes are getting low. Lauren seems to be deciding to move on and it's only a matter of time before Stacey and Adamo do, too. It seems three of my favorite characters are actually officially done. Wow... *sigh* that kinda made me sad. Okay, moving on.
2) Okay, this one's even worse: STEFAN BROGREN IS LOOKING FOR FEATURE FILM DIRECTOR POSITIONS OUTSIDE OF DEGRASSI! Now, I know it doesn't seem quite so tragic. You know, okay, so Snake will be less apparent in the show, we'll cope. But take a moment to really think about that. Now, it's pretty agreeable that Stefan Brogren is the spark that lights Degrassi. Not only is he a phenomenal actor from the original Degrassi Junior High, but a wonderful actor as Snake in Degrassi: TNG. But he's also a BIG behind the scenes influence. One of the best directors on the show, he's been really influential in a positive way. And without him, Degrassi just won't be the same. But, once again, let's be optimistic. Just because he works outside of Degrassi doesn't mean he'll completely abandon the show... right? And at least we still have him season nine, in which he's directing six episodes... get happy again, people!
3) Degrassi season nine is not completely a season of loss and sadness. No, although we're losing Adamo Ruggiero, Stacey Farber, and Lauren Collins (oh, the horror... now I'm sad again... okay, moving on again). We're also gaining some interesting plots. We've got an "unhealthy relationship" between a character and their older mentor (who? I have no idea), an unhealthy meth addiction (from who? I have no idea), and some more Riley drama. So it looks like we have a pretty good season ahead of us.

Jane is going to be a big character in season nine. And according to Stefan Brogren's twitter, it may be in ways we won't expect. We've now probably all come to terms with the heartbreaking reality of Spinner and Holly J. Which means, an end to the fabulous couple of Jane and Spinner, the most stable couple since Sean and Ellie. Why can't good things last? And another good thing that's not lasting? Johnny DiMarco. Rumor (and various Twitter pages) has it that he's not going to be a great role model season 9. Nope, quite the contrary.

Now for the freshman stories. KC will have a big storyline season nine, something uncovering his dark secret past. And Jenna is going to be trouble. Like, backstabbing, welcome-to-Degrassi trouble. Clare's coming out of her bubble of protection season nine.

I can hardly wait.

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