Thursday, September 17, 2009

Degrassi Photography

I recently created this picture, and I'd just like to say that I, being an overly-obsessive shopper, noticed that Judy Jiao's (a.k.a. Leia) shirt is an American Eagle Outfitters product.

This was when they went to see Spring Awakening at the Canon Theatre in Toronto, Canada in April, 2009. Pretty fly, don't you think?  Raymond looks ah-mazing, as usual.  They all look really great; I am so jealous!
***JJ informed me that Jake Epstein was in Spring Awakening (a rock-musical that has won a Tony-Award); he replaced Kyle Riabko as Melchior.***

Also, please take time to enjoy this picture of Marco and Paige from DGH, which I find very awesome for some unknown reason:

Marco looks so epically pwn!  And Paige looks as if it is one of the better days of her life.
Plus, it's Adamo Ruggiero (which is the most fun name to say in the history of names... Adamo Ruggiero, Adamo Ruggiero... it just dances on your tongue).  So that means the picture's amazing no matter what.
That is also true.  Here is another picture I just editted... It's fuzzin' amazing.  I looooove Nina's hair.  It's ridunkulously (which is 10 times ridiculously) near-perfect.


  1. Kroner here,
    I realllyyyy like the last pic! Good job Mango!!

  2. I'm a die hard fan of Holly J, so I think her hair looks fantastic too! (: And who could forget Melinda (Alli)?!?! They all look great and at least those two stayed and didn't get sucked into the whole vampire craze!

    I have some harsh feelings towards Nina. Poor, poor Peter!!!