Monday, August 31, 2009

Season 9 Mysteries...

Three letters:


Yes, cuh-razed Degrassi fanatics; DEGRASSI SEASON 9 IS COMING SOON! And there is dehhhh-finitely some (try a LOT!) foreshadowing in those freaky commercials.

I have gathered soooo many juicy details (Cablevision and Wikipedia, thankyouverymuch).

1. Riley can be straight... or at least he can try really, really hard.

2. Clare isn't (*cough* she is *cough*) threatened by the "new, hot girl" (I have come to the conclusion that this is referring to the newest student and member of the Degrassi Power Squad, Jenna Middleton, portrayed by Jessica Tyler).

3. According to Jane, the new guy (obviously referring to Declan Coyle, played by Landon Liboiron) is a narcissist. He has "that obnoxious smirk", "crystal blue eyes", and "that muscle that runs through his neck to his shoulder". Sounds like something's going to happen to Spinner!

4. Peter is going to let anyone get in his way! Aww... don't ruin your annoyingly-perfect life. Your mom's returning to Degrassi to relieve the school of Principal Sheppard and his cuckoo ways. But will you let her..?

5. Alli is finally busting out of her protective Muslim-girl skin. I reckon she's going to pull an Emma and wear nothing in front of the entire student body. Like in that episode when the Purple Dragon sponsors the badminton tournament at Degrassi? Hope your parents aren't there to watch, Little Bhandari!

6. Without a doubt we're going to uncover K.C.'s hidden past (like what the heck K.C. stands for?!). And most definitely his future... will he and Saint Clare last? Or will he pull a Holly J. and ruin her life?

7. Holly J. is just being her normal overly-jerky self-conscious obnoxious persona. All she is after is "to make you cry". And not la-di-da romance cry. More like tear your heart out, stomp on it, then force-feed it to you through your nostrils cry.

8. I believe I've mentioned Declan Coyle before, the brother of Fiona Coyle and heart-breaker from private schools around the globe. Obviously he doesn't follow the "beauty is on the inside" philosophy. (*cough* JERK! *cough*)

9. Dave (last name to be announced, played by Jahmil French) is Chantay Black's cousin who is to attend Degrassi. From the commercials, you can totally tell that he is a short little sophomore, possibly a freshman, trying to get into all the A-list parties. Poor little guy, he doesn't even have a ride!

10. You've most likely seen the commercial where Alli, Clare, and a new character (Jenna Middleton) open a locker, and then it cuts to where Alli says "promise not to tell anyone" and Jenna goes, "I promise". You can sooo assume that Jenna's going to tell someone! And you tell one, all finds out. Like when my mom told her one friend at her seminar that our van broke down, and then next thing you know people are pointing and making an attempt at whispering, "Hey, that's the lady whose van is defective!"

Too bad we have to wait until OCTOBER to get the inside scoop on the things happening within Degrassi Community School. How can we possibly get through the first whole month of school without Degrassi to keep us going? I am most definitely not switching over to something lame, like Beyond the Break (no offense intended, though you'll probably take some anyways).

Umm... bye! (Sorry, my clever and witty ways of saying goodbye are being replaced with Degrassi-concern!!)

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