Sunday, August 9, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood News

Degrassi Goes Hollywood seems to be doing well! Not that it's aired for the public yet, but reviews seem to be great! It got an A- review from Entertainment Weekly!
Additionally, Degrassi Goes Hollywood premieres August 14th on The-N! For all you Canadians awaiting your CTV "Paradise City" you have to wait until August 30th.
The super-exclusive Canadian premiere is August 26th, which, ironically, is after the American television airing which will probably mean less crazed American fans trying to get in. But since wristbands and all that nonsense are required to get in, it's mainly cast, crew, and the few lucky fans who win tickets.
To prove that I am the epitome of irrelevancy, I will now mention that Degrassi has aired in over 100 countries.
Okay, now since I've got nothing more to say, I'm gonna go. This is probably the shortest blog post I have ever written.

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