Sunday, August 9, 2009

Degrassi Season Nine Confirmed

Yes, you read right, Degrassi season nine has officially been confirmed. Production began May 19th, 2009, and features episodes taking place in the second semester of the 2008-2009 school year (which means, yes, in all technicality, the Degrassi students are living in a different time frame than us, but who cares?), starting in the winter of that year.
Season 9 will be premiering here in the US in October, but if you're a lucky Degrassi watching Canadian, you get Degrassi magic starting September 20th... it's almost enough to make me move up North... but I'm not THAT obsessed.
Oh, quick note for all American Degrassi fans who just can't stand the lack of Canadian music in America, calm down, the Degrassi Season 8 soundtrack in now available in US iTunes! Yeah, I'm probably one of the three people who actually cared, but in case you did, now you know.
Well, according to Stefan Brogren's (Snake's) twitter, there's some intense Sav and Anya episodes in season 9. Not that Mr. Brogren would share those with us, that would be too nice. Mia and Peter also have some intense episodes ("Just Can't Get Enough," a 2-part episode) and there's some speculation that it may be Nina Debrov's (Mia's) last episode. Johnny DiMarco and KC will also have big plots, although what their episodes will be about isn't clear, but "Hearts Like Mine" (another 2 part episode) will be about Clare and KC's relationship.
That's all I know about the up-coming plots in the estimated 22 to 23 episode season, but I have learned some information about some backstage going-ons (did I use that phrase correctly?). Well, for starters, I hope you didn't get too used to the season 8 theme song (I sure didn't, it was not my favorite) because the theme is changing... again. Shocking right? There's some talk of male lead vocals and singing cast members, so we'll have to wait and see. More surprising, though, is the fact that Nina Debrov has landed a role on "Vampire Diaries" and will be leaving Degrassi (hence the "Just Can't Get Enough" talk). Stefan Brogren has also landed the honor of director for "Beat It," a full length Degrassi episode that isn't separate from the main series (i.e. the mini-series, the Halloween specials, and the Degrassi movie, all of which he's directed) which leads us to hope he'll be directing more often, something I definitely wouldn't mind. Additionally, it's been released that CTV and The-N will be airing their episodes in different orders for no specified reason other than they feel like it. Hopefully the episodes will have self-contained plots (otherwise they'll be a lot of confused Canadians), but there seems to be no reason behind this.
That's all the Degrassi season 9 news I have for now... if I had a catchy line used upon departure I would so use it right now, but I'm stuck with a classic but predictable "Goodbye."

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  1. Three letters: Y-E-S!!!! And Sav?? Mango must be so happy...or sad because of Anya...