Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet Again, More DGH

As JJ is off in the exotic tropical paradise of Hawaii, basking in the sun and celebrating her birthday, I type this blog.

Okay, what did you ah-dore about DGH? Too bad you can't tell us! Sad x 10! Hey... you can totally leave a comment for us. We luh-v you non-existent readers!

Well, I for one love how Paige's boss/mentor, Hailey Montel (played by Mary Ashton) says "IMDb" in the movie. "According to IMDb, I'm nineteen." Can you say sah-weet?

According the IMDb MOVIEmeter (I really don't understand why movie is in all CAPs), the page on DGH has gone up 409% popularity this week. That is most likely due to the infinite and beyond amount of times JJ and I have visited the page.

IMDb is so fantabulous. Talk about living in the future! IMDb also has the nifty feature where it detects goofs in the movie. One being that when Ellie uses Paige's iPhone at the party, she is apparently holding it upside down!

OMG! Did you guys see Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday?! She was the one who looked somewhat like Darcy Edwards from seasons 4 - 8. I loveee Hey Monday!

Well, this has been Mango wishing JJ were here. Tschau! (German for goodbye!)


  1. Hi I'm your non-existant reader lolzzzzzzz

    DGH=pwn like ur blog (although your blog was blocked my parental controls on my other comp o.O)

    Ily guys and I can't wait till JJ gets bakk! Peace outt! <3

    -ur stalker hahaha

  2. Hiya!!
    I <3 this blog... although this is the frist time I am reading it!! Someone should have told me it exisits!! I wish I had known sooner!! I <3 Degrassi!!!
    -ur stalker's friend!!
    (I know I used her account!! DUH!!!)

  3. Wait, hold the phone! It's... Bethany... you know who I mean. Our friend who seriously needs a blog... and a new blogging identity because that name just won't do.

    Oh, yes, and this is JJ, who is (obviously) back.