Thursday, August 20, 2009

Abhi (Hindi for NOW!)

Hey there fine smelling readers! Mango = back! Did you miss me? I doubt it, since JJ has been doing such a fantabulous job keeping a blah-g alive.

Guess what? JJ got me obsessed with IMDb! I totally heart the trivia and quote sections! And using my new obsession, I search "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" and guess who's first on the cast list? Raymond Ablack! Tee hee :D

I also love this quote from Jason Mewes: "You're not a star! More like a circle..." Darn, he's an intelligent boy!

Now I will rave about the Season 9 promos that were ran during the commercials. First of all: SPINNER AND HOLLY J?!?! I know this is a blog, and we totally don't use text/IM speak, but WTF?! Um, hey Spinner, I think you forgot about JANE!! They are seriously the best Degrassi couple. Like, ever. Trading Jane for Holly J? It's like previews before movies and Sunday night television- it's just w-r-o-n-g!

Okay, and that creepy commercial where everyone's face is blown up to a ridiculous size and they're all "It's about to get real". Pardonnez moi, but if it's going to get real, what was it before?!

Alas, I must dash over to... there. Snakkes! (That's Norwegian for goodbye!)


  1. Completely agree with the whole Spinner and Holly j thing...seriously, Spin and jane were the only not-so-disfunctional couple in the show, but they just HAD to ruin it!!! Of course, something's wrong with EVERYONE on Degrassi...