Friday, August 27, 2010

This Fall on Degrassi


Shoot me.  As boring and drab as the preview looks, I want to see how they get this to "go there".

Blah blah blah Boiling Point we saw this already...

Alli and Clare wearing navy blue polos.  Clare has an ID card hanging around her neck... is that part of the code?

Police checking a blond girl's pink backpack (Jenna?).

Alli hugging Clare.  

"My life is so over."

Clare with dyed black hair, talking to Eli.

Eli losing his mind (probably because he can't handle being a preppy uniformed nerd - although he still wears his cool ring).

Declan kissing Holly J. (who looks scared)

Dave pointing a gun?!

Jenna's mouth dropping open (winning Next Teen Star?)

Clare running away from Eli, who is chasing after her

Someone walking down the hall (Alli?)

"I'm leaving Degrassi." (This sounded like more than one person, but if I had to guess, it'd be Alli)

Oh, my, gosh.




  1. Adam. Adam says "I'm leaving Degrassi."

  2. 1. ZOMG I can't friggin wait until the Fall.....but what will I do with my life until then? No Degrassi=No Life D:
    2. Hey, JJ. Check out that poll there. Who's winning by THIRTY VOTES? That's right. Eli. And Drew's a jerk as much as Eli is now, so don't just call him "misunderstood". :P The battle rages on, but I have the upper hand :D

  3. Anonymous: But this is Adam's first season. People say it's Alli because her actress, Melinda Shankar, stars in another show called How To Be Indie and she said that she is taking a BREAK (not leaving for good) to film that show.
    Basil: GO MUNRO! <3 TEAM CHAMBERS! And JJ is at cheer camp so I guess that means no her until Monday unless she brought her spiffy little laptop majigger.

  4. ok.. its leiha who says im leaveing degrassi it doent sound like adam or alli

  5. Not Jenna being searched.
    Dave's "gun" its a taser.
    The person walking down the hall looks nothing like Alli I think its Munro.