Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ETALK - All Falls Down Preview

Degrassi Summer Finale Preview 

Stefan Brogren: We want the kids to be going like, OH MY GOD! 

Chantay's face.

Mrs. Torres and students in the background 

Principal Simpson: Okay, no one panic, but from this moment on, the school is in lockdown.

Stefan Brogren: There is a knife involves and there definitely is some violence. 

Photo of knife

Stefan Brogren: And it affects the school in a way that everything changes for the rest of the season.

Police cars in front of the school.

Stefan Brogren: We go pretty far on this one, and hopefully the fans will like it.

Police walking into the dance. 

-Voiceover- Not only is trouble brewing at Degrassi, but the hookups continue to heat up.


Bianca is a drama-starter.  She asks Drew, "Why should the biggest catch at school just settle for one girl?"


She takes Drew to the boiler room and I can only imagine what happens.

Alli will find out and probably listen to Owen when he tells her that guys would pay to hookup with a girl like her.  But that probably goes horribly wrong for Alli.

Sally J. (Sav & Holly J.)'s relationship takes a turn towards what Stefan Brogren puts as "sexy".  Perfect.  Just perfect.  Thanks a not, Holly J.

Eclare.  Apparently Fitz puts up a proposition to end his war with Eli if Clare will go to the dance with him, and in an effort to save Eli, Clare gives in to Fitz.  But Eli is so not having it, and I have a feeling that the lockdown and knife have to do with him, Adam, and Fitz.




  1. I think Fitz is the one with the knife, I am not sure Eli would go as far as to put his friends in danger, ok the getting Fitz arrested was a little wack, but I think thats as far as he would go, oh and ya he would try and poison Fitz. I still think the knife is brought by FItz, I can't wait to find out. I am obsessed with this show and Munro Chambers, he's hot! I also loveeeee Jordan Todosey she is such a beautiful actress, and plays Adam really well.

  2. I want to know so bad! In this photo Fitz is being arrested: