Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Episode Descriptions

Episode 13 - You Don't Know My Name (1)
Alli wants to be Drew's girlfriend, complete with the official labels, but will her plan to stop him from pursuing other girls work?  Sav and Holly J. work together to throw the perfect school event.

Episode 14 - You Don't Know My Name (2)
Drew starts to miss Alli and will do anything to impress her.  So he decides to give her what she wants... for now.  Sav and Holly J. turn out to be a pretty great pair, in AND out of Student Council.

Episode 15 - My Body Is A Cage (1)
Adam's hope of just being one of the guys becomes impossible when news breaks that he's transgendered.  Anya suspects her mom is having and affair, but uncovers it''s even worse.

Episode 16 - My Body is a Cage (2)
Adam's friends and family don't understand why he doesn't just live as a girl.  But Adam doesn't need them to understand, he needs them to accept him.  Meanwhile, Anya faces her mom's battle with cancer.

Episode 17 - Tears Dry On Their Own (1)
Jenna gets sick at her audition.

Episode 18 - Tears Dry On Their Own (2)
Jenna's biggest fear is realized.  Elsewhere, Dave and Wesley tell Mr. Simpson about Connor's girlfriend.

Episode 19 - Still Fighting It (1)
Riley starts to understand the devastating effects of homophobia.

Episode 20 - Still Fighting It (2)
Riley and Owen's argument turns violent.  Eli is giving Clare mixed signals.

Episode 21 - Purple Pills (1)
Fiona is stressed about testifying against Bobby.

Episode 22 - Purple Pills (2)
Fiona's attempts to medicate herself for stress relief could ruin her legal case against Bobby.

Episode 23 - All Falls Down (1)
Bianca invites Drew to the boiler room (OH NO THEY'RE REACHING THE BOILING POINT).

Episode 24 (finale of the summer "Boiling Point" episodes) - All Falls Down (2)
A dance at Degrassi spirals into chaos despite Holly J's promise that there will not be any problems.

**NOTE: More detailed descriptions for 17-24 will be available once MuchMusic releases them, so stay tuned!**

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