Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Falls Down (Pt. 2) - Important Degrassi the Boiling Point Promo Pic

This picture's got me worried (hopefully) over nothing.

At first you look at it and go "Yay, justice, Fitz is being arrested."  Then you look closely in the background.

Who's standing there?  None other than Clare and Eli.  And if Fitz is being arrested, the only other person left who was involved in this feud is...

ADAM.  And I love Adam.  If Jordy Todosey wasn't a girl, I'd be obsessed with her like I am with Adamo.  If Adam gets stabbed I will cry an infinite amount of tears that night.  It'd be like if someone shot Marco or raped Jane or something.  I don't like it when sad things happen to my favorite characters.

Oh, and even worse than stabbing him?  IF ADAM DIES I WILL KILL WHOEVER WROTE THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE OF THE SHOW.  Just letting you know.  But I highly doubt whoever gets stabbed will die for 2 reasons -
1) Stefan Brogren mentioned violence and a knife when describing how far it goes.  If someone died, I think he'd say "death."  A little more intense then violence.  I'd say from one to ten on the scale of going there violence is a 9.7 and death is a million.
2) If Clare is alive (and she clearly is) then the only people who could possibly be dying are new characters and it'd be weird for Degrassi to hire someone for just one season (not even one season, part two is still to come in the fall), especially if there's a bunch of characters they need to get rid of... on that note, if someone like Peter (not likely at all, though) or Chantay/Chante/Chant--whatever dies, I will not be too heartbroken, because their characters have lost whatever purpose (if any) they once had.

Well, the only way to find out what happens is to tune in tonight for All Falls Down part two tonight and watch the (hopefully) shocking finale to Degrassi: The Boiling Point


  1. what happens to claire and eli?

  2. Fitz makes Clare go to the dance with him with disturbing sexual intentions and my theory is that Eli/Adam try to hurt Fitz. Again. -Mango

  3. OMG i have not seen this pic yet!! i <3333 degrassi... cant wait till the all falls down part 2!! i hate fitz! thanks for the pic!