Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Week Promo

The Final Week Of The Boiling Point! 

This was such an intense promo!

Beginning Monday on the final week of Degrassi: The Boiling Point.

Don't miss a moment...

Alli crying.

Eli being punched. 

Clare backing into the lockers looking terrified.

Drew looking up at Alli ("What, is Bianca sending you sexy photos?")

Bianca walking through a door while Drew watches.

Zane ("You're out, man.") talking to Riley ("I didn't know it was going online!")

Football team laughing at Riley.

Eli trying to stop Adam ("Adam what are you doing?") from punching Fitz in the stomach ("I am not a GIRL!")

To the boiling point...

Bianca taking Drew's hand and leading him into the boiler room ("What a girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her.")

Owen ("Tease?") harassing Alli ("Don't touch me!")

Fiona screaming ("Haven't you heard? I'm CRAZY!") 

Adam and Eli.

Holly J. and Sav. 

Someone screams "You're dead!" (a knife on the screen)

Police coming out of the school.

Clare: "What did you do?" (to Eli?)




  1. In my opinion I think Fitz is gonna get stabbed, either by Eli or Adam. Thanks for putting what they're saying. I cant understand a word that comes out of Biancas mouth! xD

    I can't believe it's over so soon!

  2. I know, right? It really doesn't seem like a 'six-week event'!