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Why Can't This Be Love? (Pt. 2)

I AM SO SORRY that this post is like, a week (two? three?) late!

I had no time.

Actually, I did have time.  Not an insane amount of time, but enough that if added together, the review could've been out.  But I recently won the award for Teen With Worst Time Management Abilities.

I'm really really really REALLY sorry!

Let's get this party started!

So within the first five minutes of the episode, Sav just keeps dropping bad news on Anya like there's no tomorrow (even though it's already tomorrow in Australia by now).

And then Chantay comes in as Dr. Phil... Thanks for the insight.  Now get off the camera.

"Va-va-va-voom!" -Sav Bhandari
^I swear - NEVER AGAIN. ^

And now begins Farrah's dropping of the hints.  "Bhandari-Hassan family?"  Give me a break.  Being pretty is only like, 1% of it.  Give it up, Hassan.  "What will our children think?"  Puh-lease.  Your accent FAILS!

You ready for this?  I don't know if this has like, a literary device in it or something, but it stuck out so bad I just have to put it here:

Peter: Oh, Anya, could you uh... (waves her away)
Sav: You better get out of the picture.


Farrah: Say 'ghee'!
Sav & Farrah: Ghee!

Oh, you're flippin' hilarious.

"Oh, hold on.  I just want to get a few shoots of Sav for my cousins back in India."

^ SHUT UP! ^

In case you've become addicted to it like me, the song playing when they're entering the school and Farrah pulls a slatternly (thanks Jane Eyre for teaching me that word) move by ripping her dress is "Army of One" by Hill.  I'll check the availability iTunes-wise and post that later.

Here comes the best part of the episode, in my opinion.  Holly J. and Declan :D

Declan: Hello Future Mrs. Bhandari.
Holly J.: (wacks Declan)
Declan: I mean apathetically.
Farrah: Please, it's just all likely I'll marry you.
Declan: (makes a "Bring it on" face)
Farrah: What's your name?
Holly J.: Uh, the natives call him "Puts-Foot-In-Mouth".
Declan: I was joking.  Sav's lucky to have Anya - She's such a hottie.
Anya: (makes "Er..?" face)
Farrah: Mr. Foot In Mouth is right.  You look amazing.  Frankly, I don't think Sav deserves either one of us.
Sav: (walks in to decorative shrubbery - LOLOLOLOLOLOL)

"A nickel, for your trouble.  Buy your niner friend some candy."  Johnny's hair looks especially bad, don't you agree?

Bathroom scene!  Farrah, the bad girl, finally comes out (not of the closet).  And just like in every other cliche, Anya can't tell Sav because then it'll seem like she's jealous.

Anya, you're not Sam (the lifeguard from Beat It).  Stop the mouth-to-mouth.

Another song obsession - "Raise A Little Hell Now" by Shiloh (album: Picture Imperfect).

Peter: Hey Farrah!  How about a dance with your 'date'?
Farrah: (makes a "Puh-lease I'd rather hang out with those blogging losers JJ n' Mango from DegrassiPwns" face)
Peter: Okay...  Maybe not.

Anya: Don't worry, I've taken care of it.
Sav: Wait, like, the pill?
Anya: Come 'ere you.
^ She never actually said that she  Okay nevermind, she flat out lied. ^

Anya: I did something very stupid last night.
Holly J.: Other than the Macarena?
^ HJ - I LOVE YOU (: ^

Personally, although I always say otherwise, I really like(d?) Sanya.  And them breaking up... ouch.  Samantha Munro did an EXCEEDINGLY great job on staging it, though.  Possibly the best breakup scene ever.

SUBPLOT: Alli and Dave (:

I'm actually beginning to like this "couple".  Finally someone came along and told Alli to just... ERGH!  THANK YOU DAVE!

Dave: "We'll call it... The Bhandurner.  Bhandari plus -"
Alli: "Turner.  I get it."
^ Oh, let the poor kid finish his lame crack. ^

"You're too cool for school."
^ Lame line, but nonetheless BURN for Alli.  Loving the Dave.  Loving it. ^

Skip ahead to the formal, right as Anya is whisking Sav off his feet, Dave is showing off his insane dance skills.  I LOVE HIS FACE WHEN HE DOES THIS.  It is exactly the face my friends and I make when we spaz-dance.

Dave: Hey, check it - the Bhandurner slide. (spazzes)

And Alli and her random attempt at the Bhandurner slide.  L O V E.

Overall, this episode (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) earned itself somewhere in the B section.  It definitely hit "real", but it was just a tiny bit too cliche.  But it's Degrassi, which is worth like a bazillion brownie points.



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  1. i totally love degrassi and all of ur comments in this post are exactly what i was thinking when i watched the episode. thanks for the names of the songs, cuz i was lookin 4 them:)