Monday, April 5, 2010

Marco: The Return


Adamo Ruggiero is in Season 9!

But which episode, do you ask?

Should I tell you?

Heart Like Mine, Pt. 1!  And THAT airs this Friday (in America, because the Canadians have already experienced his return).

On a side note, Why Can't This Be Love? (Broken Promises for us Americans) airs in the summer on Much Music for the Canadians.  SOOO (as JJ stated in a past post) we finally got our Degrassi-fix before the Canadians :D  Although they have already seen all of the upcoming episodes (Heart Like Mine, Holiday Road, and Start Me Up), we got the Sanya insider info ;) Admit to your jealousy, Canadians!

And remember, Why Can't This Be Love? Pt. 2 review is coming up later today and tomorrow JJ plans on whipping up an analysis of the episode as a whole.



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