Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Give me an N! And then a Y, an R, and a D.

That's right, folks, today's NYRD!  And by NYRD (pronounced "nerd") I mean National Youth Rights Day, not Neptunian Yachtsmen's Reincarnation Day or Norwegian Yearly Roach Demolition.

One of the organizations that helped create NYRD was the National Youth Rights Organization (affectionately known as "NYRA," pronounced "N-eye-rah").  NYRA is one of the leading organizations on the youth rights frontier, working to lower the voting age and drinking age while fighting juvenile curfew laws, behavior modification camps, and just age discrimination in general.  If your town has anyone of those things and you're fed up with it, go to and see how you can get involved!  It's a great organization fighting for a cause that doesn't receive enough attention.

So... yeah :)
Do it.
America loves you.
The End.

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