Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Can't This Be Love? (Pt. 1)

After months...

Many weeks...

Countless days...

We were given...


-Yes, applause would be appropriate here-

The episode starts out with Sav opening his locker and confetti being blown all over him.  I love Anya for doing that.

Danny: You're getting pretty good at that. Keeping Anya happy - nice work!
Sav: One minor problem: she wants to come to my place for formal photos.
Danny: Kay, well come on you're not that ugly.
Sav: Very funny.

^ I agree, Sav.  This little exchange actually made me laugh (out loud). ^

This next part is what gets me.  If Sav really, like really, cares about Anya, wouldn't he not want to keep it a secret from his family?  Of course they're going to be upset, but if they know then it would lighten the stress load, even just a little.  Another thing that makes me wonder is Anya parents.  They know, right?

Danny: It's gonna blow up.
Sav: You're right. I gotta come clean.
Danny: No, the Bunsen burner behind you dude!

^ Suave, Sav (: Real smooth (like broken glass!) ^

Alli: Hey dork.
Sav: Hey spaz.

^ This is literally the coolest thing ever.  Honestly, I don't know why, but I am in love with it. ^

"No boyfriends or girlfriends until college!"

^ That's relatively close to what my parents declared ("No boyfriends until you're at least 16") ^

"Well, we walk past here everyday.  I thought it'd be the perfect place for our formal photos."

^ Nice save, Sav (save Sav save Sav save Sav HAHA).  This is the second smooth thing you've done.  Let's keep watching. ^

Wilford Tuxedos.  This was so awesome to watch because... I don't know.  Didn't you think it was awesome?  I sure did!  :D

Fast forward a bit (I'm sure my method of reviewing isn't as favorable as JJ's... sorry!)... When I first saw Farrah Hassan (played by Sarena Parmar) I was taken aback (like Sav) because she was... wow.  Painstakingly beautiful.  (Just a little note, she plays Chandra in How To Be Indie.)

"I hope you and Farrah have a nice life."

^ NO NO NO!  As much as I hate Anya for being with Sav, I need Anya to be with Sav!  I know, hard to understand, but since when does anything I say make sense?  Yeah, never. ^

OHHHHHH Sav wears green skinny jeans (: Can you spell "LOVE"?

Ergh, Chantay and Holly J. spinning off the questions.  As always I strongly dislike Chantay and I used to do the same for Holly J. until she showed that she really changed in Love Games... alas!



This time it's Johnny and Bruce (the Moose, but he's probably gotten rid of that by now).  They've been together forEVER!  And now they actually get some spotlight (well, Johnny's gotten a lot in the last few episodes, but instead of being with Alli, he's with Bruce now).  

At first Bruce pisses Johnny off by acting immature in front a university girl named Lindsey (Lindsay? Lyndsay? There are so many spellings of that name!).  Afterward they get over it and Johnny buys their tickets to the Springtime in Paris formal (spiffy name, eh?).  Bruce (never growing up, "Mister Two Credits Shy") slaps Johnny on the butt and calls it their first date.  Gotta love that guy ;)

Stay tuned folks, for the review of the 2nd part of Broken Promises/Why Can't This Be Love (Pt. 2) is cominggggggg uppppp!



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