Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet in the Middle

Some of you may have read my Glee-Degrassi comparison post.  Well, the other show I watch religiously is Make It Or Break It.  Although I'm not going to make a chart comparing the two or anything, recently I've been noticing something in the music of Degrassi that is making me so ridiculously happy.

Zach Berkman's songs "Start a New Day" and "All That I Know" played during Make It or Break It and I'm absolutely obsessed with them now.  What A Girl Wants (1) had "Start a New Day" in the beginning when Holly J was leaving.  And today during Breakaway (2), "All That I Know" played while Holly J was lying on a bed with her computer.

Now I'm just waiting for "Tightrope" by Paul Freeman to play and I'll be so happy it's ridiculous.
So yeah, props to Degrassi for making good music selections.

I love it when my favorite shows meet in the middle.

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