Friday, July 16, 2010

Canada AM? My New Hero

So guess what's happening at 8:40 AM on "Canada AM?"  RAYMOND ABLACK AND PAULA BRANCATI ARE APPEARING.  My hero and Mango's hero IN THE SAME ROOM ON THE SAME SHOW AT THE SAME TIME... it's so exciting I could die.

Except I'm not Canadian, so I can't see it.  Blah the world.  CTV has everything interesting.

Let's see what else I can't tune in to?

Stefan Brogren will be mocking me by also pleasuring the Canadians on Flow 93.5 FM.

Charlotte Arnold (oh, that's real nice, you too?) will be on CP24 which is broadcasted in Toronto.

WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE US?  I want exclusive Degrassi interviews and movie premieres and SOMETHING that takes place in AMERICA.

Life would be so much better if I had dreams about American television.

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