Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good News!

This world is very confusing.  Some people never graduate, it seems.

In Degrassi, you just hang out with anyone.  Peter hung out with the people who graduated two or three years ago, as well as Riley who's finally a senior now.  He's replacing Spinner now, as a useless graduate like Spinner who, somehow, wound up with a job at the Dot and instead of using his Above the Dot money to go to college as he planned he's doing... nothing with his life?  Admirable.  Truly admirable.

It also seems that Riley was some sort of honors student who was taking all 12th grad courses because this is his actual senior year now.

Oh well, the longer students stay seniors, the longer we get to enjoy them as Degrassi characters.

So... yay :)


  1. I just saw degrassi: THIO. Does thi mean Spinner is overdue?

  2. Peter graduated in Degrassi Takes Manhattan, so he isn't a senior in Season 10, he just hangs around with high school kids, like Spinner.

  3. peter graduated already he just works at the dot and hangs with high school kids

  4. Spinner graduated seasons ago, with Manny and Emma (and Jimmy). He's just been working at the Dot and being Jane's boyfriend in the past seasons. He was one of the original characters and, like Emma, just stuck around to remind you it was still the same Degrassi.