Friday, July 23, 2010

Degrassi Twitters

 I promise you all, faithful readers, I'm working on my review of "What a Girl Wants (part 1 and 2)" but I need to share this with you.  I realized the awesomeness of this when ROCKSTARSAV started following us on Twitter.  At first I was like, "Oh, that's cool," but then I realized it was more than cool.

It was INSANE.

ROCKSTARSAV is run by Epitome Pictures, which is basically responsible for Degrassi and it's awesomeness.  Epitome Pictures' newest idea for Degrassi marketing and stuff is to make Degrassi character twitters.  These twitters basically embody the the characters and tweet things like "Holly J for president" to the general public and sometimes things like "@fificoyne OMG are you okay? skype me if you EVER need anything" to each other (oh, and someday things like "@DegrassiPwns OMG you're so awesome I love you with all of my heart!").

So far, there's 5 Twitters (I'm following them all) but the network promises more to come.

Riley - QBRiley
Drew - DrewTheOne
Fiona - Fificoyne
Holly J - TheHollyJ

Also, this Tweetless twitter might possibly be Alli, but I'm not sure yet...

Alli (?) - HeartAlli

Have fun stalking your favorite Degrassi characters!  I know I will :)

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