Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where Would I Be...

...without Landon Liboiron? :)

Heyy. We think you're awesome<3 Tell us, what do you think of Degrassi? (Sorry if I sound like a reporter lol) by DegrassiPwns

 I think Degrassi is amazing. haha.
Not just because I'm on it ;)

It just shows and reflects on some teenagers lives,
and if someone sees it, and there's a situation similar to theirs that they're going through,
if it would help them in any way,
that's the gratification, just knowing it's helped someone.

11 hours ago by landonliboiron

Formspring.me is definitely the new black ;) 

[EDIT 2:59 PM, 2/23/10] We also sent an anonymous message that said:

have you checked out www.degrassipwns.blogspot.com ? we obsess over you on occasion ;) 

And Landon said:

I see no one's figured out my birth date yet ;)


P.S. A special congratulation from us to Samantha Munro who's getting her braces off on the 9th!  (Presumably of March!)

Just so you all know, I got mine off yesterday :D Life=good.

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