Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's Play a Love Game

Will love make the player... give up the game?

Sorry, I just find that pure genius :)

I also apologize for the lame-o title.  And for generating a review of this EP but JJ is away for the weekend so I guess it's up to me anyways.

I'm basically going to type up my notes from Waiting For a Girl Like You, then Somebody...

Waiting For a Girl Like You

Ooh, matchmaker forms!  Our school does those every year, except Degrassi's questions are probably more than "How do you like your eggs?".

One word... SAV!  Even with his hair messed up, he still looks ah-mazing :)

OMG! They took Kelly out of the credits! Poor Ashoona ;)

"Latin AP?  Killing me too."  I'm am SO going to start saying AP after the subject.  Where we live, everyone says "AP Spanish" or "AP Earth Science" (affectionately known as APES).  "Spanish AP" makes me sound awesome.

Earth to Declan, the Tessas?  So not Holly J.'s type.  And the famous, "You like low maintenance.  Date a Honda."  B R I L L I A N T !

Leia: Did you hear how Danny talks to me?
Chantay: I'm sure he's just stressed about the test.
^ Uh-huh.  Yeah right, Chantay.  I love your earrings, though.  Brownie points there.

"911 text?"  I really love Fiona.  Although she doesn't exactly have a purpose, she has the most ah-mazing sense of style (which you would think would rub off onto Declan).  Buh-yoo-tee-ful dress :)

"And that is what we call niche marketing." A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market.  Mr. Simpson made this connection because Declan asked very specific questions which he knew would lead only to Holly J.

One brownie point for Declan, I love his striped sweater ;) I wonder if he really did meet the Dalai Lama, because I really want to meet the Dalai Lama, and have a conversation over chai tea or crumpets or whatever he feasts upon.  And wait... k-a-r-m-a for Decs :) Sauce on the pants!!

"Maybe... talk to her, just tell her how you feel.  Girls love that."  Oh, Sav.  We do love that.  How'd you know?

Brownie points for Holly J., the silent treatment is the way to be.

Declan: Someone leave a sandwich in there?
Holly J.: Bloody Glee club.
^ GLEE!  I bet you someone from the Degrassi writers group saw JJ's Degrassi vs. Glee comparison post and put that in there.  YES!

"I wrote a poem called 'Melancholy Turtle'."  At least he writes poetry!  That's totally enough to go on!

Alright kids, it's time to kill Declan!!


"Behind every powerful woman is a man who... better be cool with it."  Way to twist "Behind every powerful man is a strong woman".  Girls rule :)

"Spontaneous meetings are fun."  Take a walk on the evil side of high school, Holly J.  Bask in it while you can.

^ This is just about the best way you can skip class ^

Leave it to Dave to humiliate Connor.  That kid really bothers me.  Dave, that is.

Mrs. Laura Coyne... portrayed by Joy Tanner, who I recognized right away as from (*drumroll*) Life With Derek!  Oh, the affiliates :)

Well, as if it couldn't get anymore awkward, that guy had to start snapping photos.  Smooth like broken glass.

"I've never seen you with a problem you can't solve!"  Okay, JJ, in this scenario, Jane does pwn over my Sav.

BURN FOR ETHAN!  I hated his hair anyways.  Numbers don't lie, man!!

Holly Jeanette!  That's what the J stands for!  Now all we need is for KC's parents to show up out of nowhere and tell us what his initials stand for!

And the episode ends with "We Are", performed by Tupelo Honey, written by Tyler Dionocky, Dan Davidson, Steve Vincent, Matt Landry, Greg Williamson, and Jeff Dalziel.  I'm going to go buy that on iTunes now.  (*Note as of 2/9/10: I searched over and o-v-e-r and o v e r on iTunes and they do not sell "We Are".  I cried - internally.  Sorry if I just popped anyone's balloon...)

After spending almost three hours on this post (I get distracted easily), I simply must go to and watch this EP again.

Ciao, bellas!


P.S. I changed the title of this post (2/9/10) because JJ published one with the same title way back in December of '09.


  1. What's it under on iTunes? I typed in Tupelo Honey and We Are and I still can't seem to find it!!!

  2. It's not on iTunes :( We can officially start crying.