Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TeenNick is clearly confused.

So I'm sitting here, seriously trying to write my Love Games review (it's coming, I promise) when my sister decides to take a Degrassi quiz on TeenNick, distracting me.  So anyway, she took a quiz about how big a fan of Degrassi you are and got the following result: 

Now, being a Degrassi blogger, I figured that counts as expressing myself.  I figured I'd take the quiz and see if I got similar results.  Unfortunately, I got as follows.

Um... hello?  Maybe the snow has confused  Really?  Do you really think I'm not a huge Degrassi fan?  Seriously?  I'm posting about Degrassi at 11:09 at night on my DegrassiPwns blog and if Twitter wasn't such a spaz I'd be tweeting about Degrassi on my Degrassi twitter and I got pissed about how my computer doesn't recognize Degrassi as a word so I put it in the computer dictionary!  If anything, I'm obsessed with Degrassi to an unhealthy degree.  I can probably type Degrassi in my sleep and spell it correctly.  I can name all the episodes of seasons 8 and 9 in sequential order and titles of the first and last episode of every other.  I know which season and in which episode each character was introduced and I know the names of all the actors if IMDb or TeenNick thinks they're important enough.  I know the name of that guy Marco was flirting with in "Moonlight Desires" who was only on screen for about two minutes (his name is Mike, by the way).  I know the name of every character listed in the closing credits, first and last name.  Last time I checked, that is a) probably not the healthiest thing ever and b) a clear indicator of a Degrassi fan.  TeenNick, I bite my thumb at you (its the nerdy way of giving someone the finger... oh, Shakespearean references, you make my heart sing... what?  At least I thrive in areas outside of Degrassi-related knowledge, right?)

Oh well.  Good night.


  1. Hi this is Jessica dunlavy and I am a huge fan of Degrassi.I like Degrassi a lot and I can not wait to watch the new Degrassi tonight.

  2. Hi Jessica! I'm glad you like Degrassi so much! The show's as addictive as crack with the awesomeness factor of Jesus (unless you're Jewish/Muslim/Hindu/etc... in which case it has the awesomeness factor of Lea Michele or anything else you might find awesome), right? :)
    Feel free to check back to the blog for reviews, spoilers, and Degrassi news... as well as random posts from Mango and I :P
    Thanksomuch for the comment, we really appreciate it :D

  3. i love degrassi sooooooooooo muchh!!!