Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spotlight On: SAV

Hey, ladies, gents, and other genetic mistakes. It is Mango.
She really does. It's pretty unhealthy.
No offense to Anya, but Sav is completely M-I-N-E. He hearts his family, which I so totally do (define "heart"). Alli is soooo much like my younger sibling(s). She is outgoing and defiant, trying to stray from the demands of her family and culture. But Sav's always there to pull her back into that middle area (much like me, super hero of the family). He's that friendly, laid-back guy in the corner. Yet he gets so out there.
The Studz are way too much like my band, The Allergies. Both formed from a group of great friends (in Sav's case, his pals Peter and Danny... and Spinner, although I wouldn't call him a "pal"), tend to rock due to the talented band-mates. Although my band sings about the quadratic equations while the Studz are a little more... explicit, if you know what I mean.
He transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst (which I hated until I learned Sav came from there). I transferred to where I live from where I lived (sorry, scared of internet predators), so I totally understand the whole I'm-new-please-don't-jump-me feeling.
Sav learned to kiss from Mia. Um... I don't kiss... so there's no connections there. Sad :(.
He started dating Anya MacPherson. Love her, but one day she is going to die an untimely and unfortunate death that I have absolutely nothing to do with. But you know, it's cute (in a sickening way). He wrote her a song! I want a song! He gifted her stickers! I want stickers! He had the nerve to introduce her to his very unwelcoming family! I want someone to introduce me to their unwelcoming family! (Although I'm not sure if they'd be unwelcoming because I'm Hindu... but Sav's family is Muslim... oh dear.)
Guess what? I love Sav! Despite those ah-nnoying flaws that unfortunately everyone has at least one of (this one being his hypocritical tendencies when it comes to sexual stereotypes in the Muslim culture... although why blame him? Blame the Muslim culture, more to love about Sav), I promise to love, heart, and adore him for ever and for always! PROMISE!
Okay, before I scare everyone away, I'll stop. Have a nice day! :)
Okay, on a less obsessive note, I'll talk about Raymond Ablack, who portrays Sav Bhandari in Degrassi. Well, there's not much to say. Well, he started his career in Canadian televsion by making a guest appearance in an episode of Life With Derek. After that though, basically all he's done is Degrassi, but he's been credited in 19 episodes and there's definitely more to come (although he only appeared in 18 of those episodes... the credits are basically a default credit for every season, so the numbers vary, but apparently he's a big character because since his appearance there's only one episode lacking in Sav-ness).
Wow, okay, he's pretty boring, so I think I'll add to the summary of Sav's character, just a bit more specific.
Sav is the linebacker for the Degrassi Panthers (the football team if you didn't catch that from "linebacker"). Sav and Anya have their ups and downs (for example, Anya dumps him because of the way he treated Alli during the school ecology club field trip and when he is afraid to introduce her to his family) but Sav always manages to win her back. Whether by proving his love by getting in/losing a fight with Riley Stavros over her or taking a chance and inviting her to dinner and standing up for their love.
Of course, Sav is a lovable guy (if Mango hasn't already proved so) and sometimes other people try to get in their way. When Holly J. Sinclair finds out that Sav will have an arranged marriage, she hastily tells Anya. But they work things out and he promises he will fight for them. How adorably heroic is that?! Hey, my section. Sorry. Anyway, Mia Jones also has a thing for Sav. During a badminton tournament, she teaches Sav how to kiss and generally flirt with girls, but when she publicly displays her affection through what she taught him, he objects, saying he thought she just wanted to help him. Later on in the episode Mia realizes the extent of Anya's and Sav's relationship.
So, all in all, Sav is a lovable, outgoing, family-oriented, awesome, rocking, friendly, and relaxed 11th grader who definitely shows some promise as a character to watch in Degrassi. He shows so much more than promise, JJ. Even if the rest of the world hates Sav, I will make sure he isn't stabbed by losers from a rival school or shot by a psycho. As long as I'm around, Sav Bhandari is too! Hello, I was in the middle of summing up the blog post! I apologize. And love Sav. Are you quite done yet? Yes. I love Sav. Okay, now I'm done. Thank you. Anyway, be on the look-out for more Sav. He's sure to take Degrassi to the next level.
I thought you were done!
I meant to say "for now". Gotta love Sav!

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