Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Well, if you watch Degrassi, you probably know that the new Degrassi movie, Degrassi Goes Hollywood, comes out in August, on the 14th to be exact (a pretty cool day in my life anyway).
The general idea of the movie is the same general idea of ever episode of Degrassi: D-R-A-M-A. That spells "drama," just in case you didn't know.
In this all new Degrassi film, the Degrassi crew heads out to Hollywood, where the Degrassi drama gets a whole lot more dramatic. It's Manny on Paige, just like old times, but the stakes are higher and the tensions are thicker. Meanwhile, Craig is back in Ellie's life. And according to the commercial, Paige will slap Marco (which she's done to like every character, so Marco had it coming according to Paige's general code of conduct), there's at least 2 songs, Paige falls and reveals herself underwear-less in order to advertise herself through scandal thanks to some really bad advice, Paige gets a part, Paige gets fired, Manny takes the part, a buff blond surfer does a head-bang, Marco and Craig get in a fight, and Peter spontaneously punches someone in the face. So what do I know about the plot? Yeah, basically nothing.
In fact, all I know is that the movie will feature these characters: Sav (SAV!), Danny, Paige, Mia, Craig, Ellie, Peter, Jay, Marco, Manny, and Kelly. How are they all getting to Hollywood? (I think they take a school bus!) How are they all meeting up? (Cell phones!) Why is Ellie even there if her subplot is romantic galavants with Craig? (Because... hey did you know bananas are botanically classified as berries?) All important questions.
And I have no answers. I don't even know why I wrote this post. But I was bored. So read it, pretend you care, and when I know more, you'll know more. For now, just eagerly anticipate it's arrival.
I think JJ post is super cool times ten! Unfortunately, her obsession, Jane, isn't in the movie. At least, that's according to the previews. But, hey, you never know. On a brighter note, Sav Bhandari is in the movie! Yay! Yay! Double triple quadruple YAY!
Yeah, much to my dismay, Paula Brancati won't be joining the cast for the movie. (Sad)The cast will primarily consist of the stars who haven't been in recent episodes according to logic, which means, unfortunately, Raymond Ablack won't be the star of this film, just a supporting character. But, since I'm also in love with Marco, Paige, and Ellie (in a different sense than the Mango and Sav attraction since even Marco is unattainable... *sigh*) it doesn't bother me so much. In fact, I'm overjoyed by the fact that they're still on the show and have not been in recent season 8 episodes because of scheduling conflicts due to the fact that they were otherwise occupied with awesome things... like filming the first feature length Hollywood Degrassi movie, perhaps?
In the movie, SAV HAS A MULLET. And when the movie is out, he's going to cut it off.!!!!!!!!!!

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