Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hola (which means "hello," "hi," "yo," and all that stuff in Spanish incase you for some reason didn't know).
Wow... that was long. YO. We heart Degrassi.
I am... well, to avoid internet predator stalker freaks, we'll just call me JJ. I'll talk in italics.
Call me Mango. No questions asked.
Um, yeah. This blog was created for our Degrassi obsession. Yes, obsession. It's quite unhealthy. It's a side effect of watching Degrassi a lot. In fact, we've actually been diagnosed with Degrassi-obsession-itis by a small obscure medical practice in Southern Scandinavia.
JJ speaks in big words. I LOVE DEGRASSI. 'Nuff said.
So, anyway, this will be your source for all information Degrassi related. We know stuff. Seriously. And since no one reads this and no one will probably ever ask us a question, we'll just write a bunch of stuff so if someone should stumble upon our humble little Degrassi encyclopedia, they might learn something.
That was deep.
Now we're done with this scattered and confusing introduction. Let the Degrassi blogging begin.

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