Monday, September 20, 2010

Sneak Peek on iTunes

That's right!  Just type in "Degrassi Sneak Peek" and it's the only one there!  Of course, I'm a total doofus (to shorten = doof) and I forgot my iTunes password, so I've only seen a 30 second preview of the sneak preview, which was basically just the opening credits.  So make an iTunes account if you don't have one, because I've heard that it is not something you want to miss.  And it's free, so why don't you just get it anyway?

Also, here's a photo and KC and Jenna doing... something.  A cultural fair?  A school project?  Oh my gosh, I just realized that that's Jenna's pregnant lump.  I thought she was holding a blue crystal ball or something!  That's really obvious that it's fake.  Come on, Degrassi.

And then there's this photo, which I really love because RAYMOND ABLACK LOOKS AMAZING IN IT.

One more, because JJ and I are Science Olympians!  Degrassi just got kicked up a few notches on the awesometer.



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