Saturday, September 4, 2010

Season 10, Season 11, The Boiling Point? What?!

Sorry we didn't post this earlier...

On September 1, Stephen Stohn tweeted the following: (yes, I did fix his spelling errors)

okay there seems to be confusion about the Degrassi timeline, and when the Boiling Point began and ends, and when Season 10 begins and ends

Here's the scoop: the Boiling Point was the first half of Season 10--it ended last week, it was 24 episodes broadcast daily..

when the Boiling Point ended we were at Winter Break... when we pick up this October we will be returning from Winter Break..

the episodes starting this October are no longer referred to as the Boiling Point, they are simply Degrassi.. they will be broadcast weekly

there will be 20 episodes broadcast weekly in the second half of Season 10.. this is down slightly from our original projection of 24...

at the end of the 20 episodes in the second half of Season 10 we will be just starting Spring Break

while nothing is confirmed, the ratings for Degrassi have been so good this year that we are very confident there will be a Season 11...

Season 11 would start likely in July of next year at Spring Break...

..and the first half of Season 11 would likely consist of 24 episodes broadcast daily--just like this year!

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