Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Characters

 *** UPDATE ***

Just minutes after this happened, Brogren tweeted: Just kidding! It's our stand in's!!!!! Hahahahaa! I crack myself up!!!!

Really?  Did you have to do that? 


Stefan Brogren just posted this photo!

I also found something interesting from a  while back that we forgot to post...

The 10th season of Degrassi will further explore the lives of the students, as well as tackle many issues that are relevant to teens today including divorce, bullies, gender identity, community service, double standards, Internet safety, family dynamics, runaways and romance.
Runaways?  Do you think that'd just be Fiona hopping on a plane to Canada, or maybe someone else?



P.S. Our blog has been acting up, which is probably why the font on this post is a weird colour.

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